ILNP Aerial View

Hi! A quick post for you today. I only picked up one new shade from the ILNP Spring collection so far, but it’s a proper stunner! I bought this from Rainbow Connection in the UK, but it’s out of stock for now. Hopefully it will return soon!

This is Aerial View – an aquamarine linear holo. This one took three coats to completely get rid of the visible nail line for my photos; but for normal wear, I think two would be fine. The finish is incredible – rainbows for days!

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Spring Pastel Watermarble – fixing mistakes!

Happy Sunday! Today, I wanted to play around with pastel shades because I’m feeling a little Spring-like. However, my watermarble skills seemed to be in Sunday mode so I ended up playing around with dots to hide my mistakes and ended up with quite an interesting design! It’s very difficult to come up with perfect marbles every time, whether it’s to do with the polishes not playing well together to a water temperature problem. Using dots or other designs over the top can rescue your marbles!

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OPI Live.Love.Carnaval Stamping

Hi! After starting a new job, I’ve neglected my little corner of the internet for a while. I’m back today with a mani to try and encourage spring to arrive! I felt like pulling out a bright coral so I went for OPI Live Love Carnaval from the Brazil collection. This is a lovely red leaning coral creme – perfect as a base for some stamping. I used Born Pretty Store plate BPL-024 and first laid down the floral image in gold. I used Models Own Colour Chrome in Rose Gold . I really liked how this turned out so I nearly didn’t carry on with the black that I’d planned! Here it is:

OPI Live Love Carnaval

It came out quite sharp, thanks to my rectangular clear stamper from Rainbow Connection (sadly sold out at the moment) and I really liked it!

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Superchic Lacquer Dart Thru The Heart and CbL Arc de Triomphe Smoosh Mani

Hi! Today, I fancied a go at a technique I haven’t tried yet – the ‘smoosh’ mani! This involves using a stamper and drops of polish to literally ‘smoosh’ onto your nails to create a random marbled pattern.

I chose to use Colors by Llarowe Arc de Triomphe – a silver/gun metal grey holo with gold flakies (sadly no longer available as it was an Indie Shop event custom) – and Superchic Lacquer Dart Thru The Heart – a bronze ultra holo. These both cover really well in one coat, which was a must for this mani as I couldn’t be bothered to use a base colour! 😉

I laid down a base coat and then used liquid latex to protect the skin around my nails. This was a MUST because, as you can imagine, the polish gets a bit messy!

I dropped the colours onto the stamper and held my breath… I LOVE how it turned out!

Colors by Llarowe and Superchic Lacquer Dart Thru The Heart

The beauty of this technique is that you can go back and re-smoosh (love that new word!) if you’re not happy with the finish or if you miss a spot. The marbled effect is fascinating, and I love how you don’t know what you’ll end up with. It’s a bit like watermarbling, but much easier to achieve!

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Cupcake Polish Berry Good Looking

Hello! I’m back with a cult classic that I’ve owned for months and not got round to trying; don’t ask me why! However, a Facebook group competition prompted me to reach for it as the theme was grey and pink and I immediately thought of this polish. Even though it’s described as all kinds of colours except pink; it’s the most pink thing I own… I reckon I can get away with it!

Cupcake Polish Berry Good Looking came out in the summer of 2015 as part of their Berry Patch collection. It’s a vibrant purple/pink/berry super strong holo and it covered easily in two coats. I haven’t heard of any staining issues, but it struck me as so saturated and ‘one of those colours’, so I doubled up on base coat just in case!

I paired it up with OPI’s Cement the Deal – a mid grey creme. I can’t find a link for this grey anywhere but it should be fairly easy to dupe! I then added some tartan/sunflower stamping – BGL stamps so well! For the ring finger, I used Moyou London’s Trend Hunter 02 plate with my clear rectangular stamper (still loving this although I accidentally threw it down the side of my desk whilst stamping – no offence little stamper!). For the index, it was Born Pretty Store BPL-041. I then topped it all off with Glisten and Glow’s top coat – no smudging to be seen!

Cupcake Polish Berry Good Looking
Under daylight bulbs

More pictures including sun shots after the jump!

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Tonic Polish Innocence – Multichrome Madness Custom

I’ve got a real chameleon for you today! I had a very hard time narrowing down hundreds of photos of this beauty, but I’ve got to 6. That’ll do, right?!

This is Tonic Polish Innocence – a custom produced for the Multichrome Madness Facebook group. It’s described as a blue/lilac base with sparkly pink to green to gold multichrome shimmer and scattered holo. This is two coats under daylight bulbs:

Tonic Polish Innocence

That shimmer! Tonic Polish can’t be beaten for their complexity, especially when it comes to shimmers.

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Glam Polish ‘Big Girls Need Big Diamonds’ plus Valentine’s Day rose stamping

This week, I wanted to wear a special polish in celebration of becoming a ‘Diamond’ member of Slimming World. This means I have been at my target weight for a year. Having lost two stone and feeling much happier, this was a real milestone for me because it proved that I can maintain this weight loss and I’ve accepted healthy eating as a habit!

I haven’t shared anything about my weight loss so far on this blog, but today felt like the day! I was a very active person in my teenage years / early twenties, but when I moved away from home, my lifestyle changed a bit and it crept up on me! I decided to join SW in November 2016 along with my husband and I reached my target of a 2st loss in February 2017. He reached his target of a 4 stone loss (!!!) in August 2017. I’m so proud of him because it was a huge change of habits.

Here’s a cheeky before-and-after…

Slimming World Before and After

Of course, the first polish that sprung to mind was Glam Polish ‘Big Girls Need Big Diamonds’ – a periwinkle holo stunner with lashings of micro-glitter. This polish leaves me with no words. Well, maybe a few… 😉

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Cirque Colors Halcyon

This polish has built up quite the hype! It was originally very limited edition, sold out for ages and then brought back… I’d decided that I didn’t really need it; however I finally caved and bought it in the latest restock on Rainbow Connection. (It’s in stock at the moment but it won’t be around for long!) I’m glad I did! It’s a really intense metallic rose gold shade with silver flakes. I put it on using a scant two coats and BAM! PARTY TIME!

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Tonic Polish Novitiate

Hi! I have Tonic Polish Novitiate from the Secrets and Soulmates collection to show you today. This is described as an icy mint creme with turquoise shimmer that shifts to a soft purple. It was opaque in two coats and is a real chameleon, so be prepared for lots of photos!

Tonic Polish Novitiate

This first photo shows the true face of Novitiate. It appears grey in some lights, but the turquoise shimmer really comes to life in direct light.

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Superchic Lacquer Vapor High

Hi! Long time no see! I blame that entirely on Tonic Polish and the fact that my last manicure was not ready to come off until today! It could have lasted a couple more days too. 10 straight days with usual day to day wear and it was still practically perfect with minimal tip wear. A record!

Today, I replaced it with my first Superchic Lacquer polish – Vapor High from the Slayeigh The Mountain collection. This is described as a mint teal-blue chrome with sparks of icy silver and gold duo-chrome reflects. It went on fully opaque in just ONE coat! The hype is real!

The formula is on the thick side and is incredibly fast drying, so minimal faffage is required to enable it to dry smooth and not drag slightly. Once I’d figured this out, application was very easy. The brush is also a lot shorter than I’m used to, but I soon got the hang of it and actually quite liked it! It helps to not overload polish onto the nail like some that can hold too much product.

Here’s Vapor High alone in one coat with no top coat:

Superchic Vapor High

It was totally opaque. In the pictures, it looks a little patchy, but that’s shadowing caused by the ridges in my nails. I must get around to using a ridge filling base coat!

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